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Center for Early Learning Professionals


At the Center for Early Learning Professionals, we are committed to providing Rhode Island’s early childhood workforce with high-quality professional development opportunities—both in person and online—that are designed to build knowledge and strengthen competencies. Our innovative approach helps educators and administrators connect research to practical strategies proven to make a difference.

  • Intensive, multi-session training series
  • Application assignments between sessions for participants to practice what they are learning
  • Hybrid approach that blends traditional in-person sessions with technology-based learning
  • Activities and strategies designed for adult learners
  • On-site coaching and mentoring to support implementation

Our in-person PD series are open to all early care and education professionals in Rhode Island. 

“Taking the series “Inclusive Practices for Children and Families” increased my knowledge of the different services and agencies in Rhode Island available for children with special needs. I learned specific strategies to advocate for ALL children in my classroom, as well as and how to modify my expectations for each individual child based on his or her skill set.”

“Science Teaching in the Preschool Classroom: Exploring Water” was one of the best PD series I’ve taken in a long time. It was fun and engaging, with loads of hands-on learning opportunities. The series highlighted the importance of allowing children’s natural inquiry-driven exploration to guide curriculum planning.

Since taking “Young Children, Big Thinkers,” I have had more conversations with children that deepen their learning and understanding. To my surprise, I have discovered that they know a lot more than I thought! The series taught me to give more thought to the questions I ask and, when planning a lesson, to include targeted and intentional questions and comments.

The preschool math games series was perfect, and the instructors were excellent! The math games that we learned are so much fun and hit so many key math concepts and skills. I often feel pressure as a teacher for my children to show growth and perform. This course reminded me to chill out, praise the effort, and focus on the learning process.

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Search the listings below. Our new search feature will help you find and select PD that is appropriate to your role and aligned with the goals in your Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP).

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WKC Domains & Topics




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PD Hours: 1 hora de DP
1 PD hour
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PD Hours: hasta 9 horas de DP
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2 PD Hours and 0.2 CEU
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PD Hours: 2 PD Hours and 0.2 CEU
This course presents Rhode Island’s vision for quality child assessment practices in all early childhood education (ECE) settings. Topics covered i...
PD Hours: 1 PD hour
Estos breves módulos de capacitación tardan entre 30 y 45 minutos en completarse y brindan una descripción general de las regulaciones de licencias...
PD Hours: .75 horas de DP por curso