For the 2021-22 school year, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has identified three goals for RI Pre-K programs:

  • Achieve and maintain CECE approval
  • Increase student outcomes, as demonstrated by child assessment data (using TSG®)
  • Strengthen and support teachers, classrooms, and children’s social-emotional learning through Conscious Discipline®

Professional development for the RI Pre-K community is designed to support those goals. The Creative Curriculum® Study Group and TSG® User Groups will bring together teachers to reinforce the importance of implementing curriculum to fidelity to improve child outcomes, review the instructional cycle, and reflect on child assessment practices. The Center is also pleased to contract with the Sargent Center to support the continued use of Conscious Discipline® in all RI Pre-K classrooms, including professional development opportunities and coaching with Certified and Master Instructors.

In addition to the above, RI Pre-K staff may also participate in other professional development and enhancement opportunities throughout the 2021-22 school year. Our schedule includes:

  • Education Coordinators Group
  • New Education Coordinators Group
  • Engaging Children through Project-Based Learning
  • Using the ECERS-3® to Improve Program Quality
  • Understanding CLASS®: Unpacking the Instructional Support Domain
  • Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviors

For more information, please talk with your TA specialist.

Clare CrawfordRIDE Pre-K PD