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The Center is pleased to offer this valuable “in-time” resource to help you select high-quality training opportunities that align with your professional development goals.

Search the listings below to find:
  • in-person workshop sessions facilitated by local trainers
  • online PD modules developed by national organizations, such as the Office of Head Start, NAEYC, and Better Kid Care

If an online PD session does not include a certificate of completion and you want documentation for your records, you can submit a Training Verification Form to the Center. All of the opportunities listed are approved by the Center to meet state child care licensing requirements.

The Center updates these listings monthly—check back regularly to see the latest entries!


Review this list of organizations whose PD is approved:

Other PD




WKC Domains & Topics




This training will provide participants with strategies and techniques to identify the core concepts of trauma and sensory processing and their eff...
PD Hours: 2
This training is designed to help teachers identify and analyze the causes of challenging student behaviors. We will show you 3 tools you can use t...
PD Hours: 2 PD Hours
This program for infant and preschool teachers focuses on play therapy techniques to boost students’ emotional understanding and reduce negat...
PD Hours: 6 PD hours
Other PD
3 PD hours
Recognize types of stress and when stress levels become a concern. Increase the satisfaction in your life while preparing to face everyday challenges.
PD Hours: 3 PD hours
This 12.5-hour self-paced course equips educators with effective strategies to support children experiencing selective mutism, a severe anxiety dis...
PD Hours: 12.5 PD hours
Learn to craft truly immersive learning spaces with this course. This transformative 12.5-hour self-paced journey invites you to delve into integra...
PD Hours: 12.5
The goal for this training is to strengthen school safety policies while building confidence and trust among educators. The course will analyze cur...
PD Hours: 2 PD Hours
This training is an evidence-based program derived from the AAP, and is intended for Center based and family home daycares. The focus is on definin...
PD Hours: 1 PD hour
This session emphasizes the importance of hiring a certified lead professional who will use lead-safe work practices to reduce exposure to lead whe...
PD Hours: 1 PD hour