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Center for Early Learning Professionals

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New WKC Self-Assessments

The Center for Early Learning Professionals has created a set of online self-assessments on the Rhode Island Workforce Knowledge and Competencies (WKCs).

The WKCs define what early childhood professionals need to know and be able to do to promote optimal development for young children. To move along the WKC framework and career pathway, it is essential for educators to identify their strengths and skills that need improvement.

The self-paced WKC Self-Assessment Modules will help all professionals in the ECE field to prioritize areas for growth that are aligned with their primary role. Recommendations and resources for career pathway advancement are generated for each WKC Domain. Participants will receive 2 PD hours upon completion of all self-assessment modules.

Self-assessments are available in English for Administrators, Education Coordinators, Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Family Child Care Providers and in Spanish for Educadores de Guarderías Familiares, and Administradores y Educadores Pedagógicos.

Click here to start your WKC Self-Assessment today!