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Free Parenting Event at Lifespan for Mental Health Month

Bradley Hospital and the Lifespan Community Health Institute will host a virtual educational event on Thursday, May 6th from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm on Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day, with Child Psychiatrist David Rettew, MD. Dr. Rettew has just published a new book Parenting Made Complicated: What Science Really Knows about the Greatest Debates of Early Childhood (Oxford) released this month. The book looks at many of the perennial controversies in parenting including screens, overpraising, sleep training, daycare, discipline, and describes in a conversational and non-technical way what the actual evidence is behind these debates. Other factors are also discussed that might make a parent want to adjust the “correct” answer based on things like the child’s temperament and other factors. The website for the book is Dr. Rettew’s twitter and Facebook handles are both @PediPsych. Click HERE to register!