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Notice about EXCEED: Important Document Retention Information for All Early Childhood Programs, Providers, and Staff

Exceed was a data system initiative, launched in 2016, to support high-quality early care and education programs. Exceed served as a program portal and workforce registry, as well as a space to apply for licensing, CECE approval and Bright Stars. While Exceed has served us well over the years, the technology platform of this system can no longer be updated and will end operating at the end of May. To continue to support the important work of early childhood programs, RI state agencies have collaborated in building Rhode Island’s Start Early System (RISES) which will serve as our new comprehensive Early Care and Education Data System. Because Exceed will no longer be supported, please see below for important information about retaining information from Exceed.

The Exceed Program Portal and Workforce Registry will no longer be accessible after Friday, May 31, 2024. With the closing of Exceed, the data that is currently housed in that system will no longer be available to RIDE or to you in the field. If there are any documents that you want to keep from the Exceed system, whether they be program documents or items from your Workforce Registry, we ask that you access the system before 5/31/2024, and download any of the documents you wish to retain. There are a few fields that do not allow for a download, so if you are experiencing some difficulty, please email us at

As of June 1, 2024, RISES will serve as the central place to store early care and education workforce and program information. RISES will be used to apply for DHS relicensing, to apply for a rating in BrightStars, and to apply for RIDE RI Pre-K Approval. All work that has been captured in Exceed will move over to RISES. While these common applications are not all yet on-line, staff across RI state agencies have been working collaboratively to ensure that this new system best serves the needs of RI’s early childhood field in an efficient and effective way. The goal of these applications is to reduce duplication of efforts for programs and ensure that RI state agencies can best support your programs. We anticipate the common applications will roll out as they are built over the coming year!

You can learn more about the launch of RISES here and more information, including how to sign up for the workforce registry here.

We continue to appreciate your commitment to providing quality early childhood opportunities to children across Rhode Island.