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Making a Behavioral Health Emergency Plan for Youth and Families – New from RIDOH

A behavioral health crisis can be challenging for individuals, families, and communities. Having a plan with pertinent information- all in one place- will make it less complicated if a situation becomes overwhelming.

Rhode Island introduces this Behavioral Health Emergency Plan for Youth and Families to help manage crises related to substance use, alcohol and drug addiction, psychological distress, suicide, and other mental health conditions.

Fill out the Behavioral Health Emergency Crisis Plan to:

  • Know your child and family’s resources and supports at a moment’s notice.
  • Better prepare your support system by making this information readily available.
  • Avoid the added stress of putting a plan in place during a crisis.

Behavioral Health Emergency Plans are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Once complete, be sure to keep copies in several convenient places, such as on a phone, in the car, and in a wallet.

A behavioral health emergency plan can help families and youth navigate a challenging situation at a moment’s notice. This is an important tool that can help all Rhode Islanders prepare and effectively manage a crisis now and in the future.

–Rhode Island Department of Health