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Join the Community of Practice for English Speaking Family Child Care Providers!

The Center for Early Learning Professionals continues to offer monthly Community of Practices for English Speaking Family Child Care providers!

For the month of February and March, the Center for Early Learning Professional will collaborate with Mayra Monterroso from Rhode Island PBS. She will join us to share PBS’ free educational services. PBS offers free and easy access to lesson plans, videos, interactives, productivity tools, and curated collections to give providers the chance to create learning experiences that ignite children’s curiosity. Providers can easily add PBS LearningMedia to their programing thanks to available provider tools.

PBS will have raffle which will allow providers a chance to win a copy of unit 2 of the “Elinor Wonders Why” curriculum and a collection of children’s books with a RIPBS goodie bag. In addition, all participants will be able to pick up a goodie bag from the Center, further details will be provided during the CoP.

Join us to Learn all about PBS’ free educational services and to connect with colleagues! Bring a provider friend or two! We look forward to having you at our February and March Family Child Care Community of Practice (CoP) for English Speaking Providers.

The CoP will be held online on February 23rd and March 30th from 6:00-7:30pm. Attendance at both meetings is required.

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