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Supporting Early Writing Development – Online Series

up to 10.5 PD hours English Family Child Care Administrators and Educators, Preschool and Pre-K Educators

This series will help teachers build an understanding of the stages of writing development and how to best support preschool children’s early writing efforts in engaging and meaningful ways. Participants will learn strategies for assessing children’s writing development and ways to integrate authentic writing experiences into their curriculum.

Participants who complete the series will:

  • learn effective instructional interactions that support and encourage children’s writing efforts
  • gain an understanding of ways to use the classroom environment to facilitate children’s print and alphabet knowledge
  • understand the developmental progression of emergent writing skills and learn appropriate approaches to help children acquire these foundational skills

Participants can earn up to 10.5 PD hours by attending the three facilitated online sessions and completing three online assignments.

Please Note: This series has been approved by RIDE to serve as a RIELDS Next Steps class.

WKC Domains: Development and Learning, Curriculum
Levels 2/3: Application and Analysis

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Dates Time Location Register
Mondays, April 12th, 26th, and May 10th 5:30pm-7:30pm Webinar Registration Closed