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Health and Safety for Family Child Care Providers

The RI Department of Human Services requires all family child care providers to complete annual health and safety training that has been approved by the Center for Early Learning Professionals. The Center has created these four online modules as one option for fulfilling this requirement. For each module, providers watch a 5- to 10-minute video focused on specific health and safety practices, and then use a checklist to assess how safe their home is for young children. At the end of Module 4, providers complete an online survey to receive a certificate of completion.

**Note: After viewing all four modules, you MUST complete the survey at the bottom of the page to receive a certificate of completion.**

Step 1: Download and Print Module Checklists

  • Use and complete these checklists as you watch the modules.
  • Click here to download and print the checklists.

Step 2: Watch Modules

Module 1: Setting Up the Inside of Your Home

Module 2: Setting Up the Outside of Your Home

Module 3: Daily Routines

Module 4: Health Practices