PD at the Center

Health and Safety Modules for Center-based Educators

The RI Department of Human Services (DHS) requires all center-based educators to complete annual health and safety training that has been approved by the Center for Early Learning Professionals. The Center has created these four online modules as one option for fulfilling this requirement. Each module consists of a 5- to 15-minute video, each focusing on a different aspect of health and safety practices in center-based child care settings. After viewing the modules, submit the online survey to receive a certificate of completion.

The modules provide basic information about health and safety practices and are ideal for orienting new staff. Staff members can view the modules individually or in group settings. In either case, we strongly recommend that program administrators and supervisors meet with staff after they have completed the modules to answer any questions and discuss the program’s specific policies and procedures related to this topic.

**Note: After viewing all four modules, you MUST complete the survey at the bottom of the page to receive a certificate of completion.**

Module 1: Standards, Regulations, & Resources

Module 2: Health and Safety Practices

Module 3: Supervision and Interactions

Module 4: Emergency Preparedness