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DHS Licensing Orientation for Family Child Care Home Providers (English)


The DHS Licensing Orientation for Family Child Care Home Providers is the first step for anyone interested in becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Home Provider (FCC). The goal of this page is to outline the steps required to become a licensed FCC provider. This training does not provide Professional Development (PD) hours, but it does offer a certificate on completion of the training.

Prior to taking the orientation, please take into consideration your ability to meet the following requirements:

  1. Proof of GED or High School Diploma.
  2. Comprehensive background check – required of all providers and household members over the age of 18. (Local and national fingerprints and DCYF clearance.) Download and save the Fingerprint Affidavit (PDF)
  3. Landlord Permission Slip or Proof of House Ownership – landlord permission slip must be the original copy (use DHS form), signed in the last 30 days, and notarized. Proof of home ownership may include a mortgage bill with address or title or deed of house with address. Download and save the Landlord Permission Slip (PDF)
  4. A written statement declaring that applicant is not planning to move within the next year.

In addition to the above, please consider that there may be some costs associated with preparing your home for a family child care program.

Start up grants will be available for a limited time to offset some of these costs. Information regarding these grants will be available during the First Steps process.

Please call or email the Center for Early Learning Professionals if you have questions about the above requirements. Spanish speaking contact: Janali Hernandez at jmhernandez@edc.org or (617) 618-2365. English speaking contact: Jessica Calle jcalle@edc.org or (401) 734-1281.

If you feel you are unable to complete any of the above requirements and are still interested in working in the family childcare field, please contact Stephane Sochacki at stephane.sochacki@seiuesf.org or (413) 239-4425 at the SEIU Education & Support Fund to learn how you can become a paid, state-approved family child care substitute. 


This page has Three simple tasks you need to complete to begin the process of becoming a licensed FCC provider.

  • Task 1 is to Create a Center Account
  • Task 2 is to register and complete the DHS Orientation Webinar
  • Task 3 to enroll in First Steps

To open and view the PDFs posted on this page, be sure to install the free Adobe Reader.

Task 1: Create a Center Account

The first step in the process of becoming a licensed FCC, is to create an account with the Center for Early Learning Professionals so that you can take the required DHS Orientation Webinar and additional required trainings. Keep in mind the following when creating your account:

  • Fill out all the fields and write your name as it appears on your state ID or driver’s license
  • When asked to select your “Program,” choose “Orientation for Pre-Licensed Providers
  • When asked “Are you a program director or site leader?” select “No
  • Write down your username and password in a safe place so that  you can get back into your account in the future
  • Click here to create your account with the Center

Please contact the Center for Early Learning Professionals if you require assistance in setting up your account: Kimberly Tovar at ktovar@edc.org or (401) 736-9020.


Task 2: Take the DHS Licensing Orientation Webinar

Once you have created an account, you are ready to register for and take the DHS Licensing Orientation for Family Child Care Home Providers webinar.

After completing the webinar, please review Next Steps to Becoming a Family Child Care Provider.

Task 3: Enroll in First Steps

  • Submit required documentation to DHS Office of Child Care Licensing
  • You will be notified by the Center for Early Learning Professionals when you can begin taking the First Steps Pre-Service training
  • Review the Family Child Care Universal Application (DHS website). Please do not begin filling out this application. You will receive assistance with completing your application from the Center for Early Learning Professionals during the required First Steps Pre-Service training

Please be aware that required documents listed in Next Steps to Becoming a Family Child Care provider must be received by DHS at least 3 weeks prior to the First Steps training start date.