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Center Offers Two New Bilingual PD Series

The Center is excited to announce a new model of professional development to better serve Rhode Island’s diverse early childhood workforce. We are offering two new series this semester designed specifically for bilingual educators.

The sessions will be presented in English by a bilingual instructor who will provide Spanish language support. Materials will be available in both English and Spanish, and participants can choose to complete written assignments in the language of their choice.

These series are designed for teachers and teacher assistants, as well as for family child care educators. If you are a program director or administrator, please encourage your bilingual staff to register. For each series, participants can earn up to 15 PD hours by attending three face-to-face sessions and completing three application assignments.

The two series are:

  • Responsive Caregiving: Supporting the Needs of Infants and Toddlers
  • What You Say Matters: Strengthening Interactions Throughout the Day

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AshleyCenter Offers Two New Bilingual PD Series